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Product - Finish Time Predictor (Mini) [hFinishMini]


Date:20 May 2019
Type:Data Field
Platform:Garmin ConnectIQ
Title:Finish Time Predictor (Mini)
SDK:3.0.11 (Minimum 1.2)
Devices:All Devices
Statistics:Downloads: 22,328 Rating: StarStarStarStarStar Half (18) as of 18 September 2019
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Description - Version 5.16

A Data Field which shows your estimated finish time for popular race distances.

* Now supports custom distances

The Data Field has been designed to provide your estimated finish time in a single field.

The data field has taken a unique approach to your finish time, by not using a fixed value but calculating the next common race milestone.

Initially the field will calculate your 5K time, once this distance is passed it then updates to your 10K distance estimated time, then 13.1 miles (half marathon) and finally 26.2 miles (marathon).

The Data Field also supports a single custom distance to be used, which can be selected and enabled as either kilometres, miles or metres.

The values are displayed based on the settings as either Minutes per Mile or Minutes per Kilometre.

The Data Field now supports three calculation formulas, which can be selected to suit your activity style. Average: is best for activities with a constant pace; Current: works well where your pace changes constantly; Recent: is designed for when your pace slows or increases over the distance.

You can now select a 'Distance Variance' which allows you to adjust the next distance by a given percentage. This can be useful if you are competing in a organised event (for example a 10K), where you may cover a slightly longer distance due to not being on the 'racing line'. This will keep the final estimate more accurate.

The display will show the output in one of three formats, which can be changed within Garmin Express on your desktop or mobile device. See the following link for more details http://bit.ly/1YZTvye

Please see our other Finish Data Fields for Vivoactive devices (hFinish) and all Cycling devices (hFinishCycle).


ActivehFinishMini5.16All Devices20 May 2019Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.15All Devices26 April 2019Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.14All except 21 September 2018Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.13All except Edge Explore09 March 2018Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.12All except Edge Explore29 January 2018Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.11All except Edge Explore27 October 2017Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.10All except Edge Explore27 October 2017Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.9All except Edge Explore27 September 2017Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.8All except Edge Explore20 September 2017Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.722 of 27 Devices22 August 2017Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.6All except Edge Explore20 April 2017Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.5All except Edge Explore17 March 2017Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.4D2D2T1000520820EpFn3Fn3HRFnCH230235630735920Oreg7Rino7VAVAHR29 November 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.3D2D2T1000520820EpFn3Fn3HRFnCH230235630735920Oreg7Rino7VAVAHR21 October 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.2D2D2T1000520820EpFn3Fn3HRFnCH230235630735920Oreg7Rino7VAVAHR01 October 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.1D2D2T1000520820EpFn3Fn3HRFnCH230235630735920Oreg7Rino7VAVAHR08 September 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini5.0D2D2T1000520820EpFn3Fn3HRFnCH230235630735920Oreg7Rino7VAVAHR04 September 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini4.0D2D2T1000520EpFn3Fn3HR230235630735920VAVAHR03 June 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini3.1D21000520EpFn3Fn3HR230235630920VAVAHR12 April 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini3.0D21000520EpFn3230235630920VA08 January 2016Info
Not ActivehFinishMini2.0D21000520EpFn3230235630920VA29 December 2015Info
Not ActivehFinishMini1.1D2EpFn3230235630920VA23 December 2015Info
Not ActivehFinishMini1.0D2EpFn3230235630920VA16 November 2015Info